Testimonials and Reviews from Great Lakes Pondscapes’ Valued Customers

One of the greatest parts of owning Great Lakes Pondscapes is helping our customers and guests! These reviews mean the world to us. We are grateful to every single person who has taken the time to leave us a review.

“The entire staff and Great Lakes Pondscapes are professionals and extremely helpful.  We have been there multiple times and they have always answered our questions and spent countless hours helping us with our pond.  I noticed another review that said they were expensive, I wouldn’t necessarily agree with that, I believe ponds in general can be costly, however, with the help from the staff here, we actually saved money because we were doing several critical things wrong…  After spending a good amount of time talking to Brian and Sal (I believe) we we’re able to rectify the issues.”

-TS C.

“First visit, we were extremely impressed! Very helpful & knowledgeable staff. Bought plants & heading back for more. And a water-spitter on my wish list!”

-Kathy T.

“Went to purchase a new aquabasin for out basalt rock fountain. Staff was extremely pleasant and helpful. The basin would not fit in my car and they delivered it to me in Benton Harbor the following day! (thanks again) I highly recommend Great Lakes Pondscapes and will be back.”

-Tyler Y.

“Love their water features.  My wife and I went on their annual water garden tour this year and were amazed at what you can do with water features.  Great Lakes Pondscapes has so much to offer and they are always willing to help.”

-Scott S.

“We visited there for the first time today. I was greatly impressed by how helpful they were in answering all my questions and offering many suggestions. They have a large variety of waterfalls and ponds, plantings and fish. It was a very enjoyable visit and we will be back!”

-Tony D.

“Visited when in town from Arizona. The people were SO friendly & helpful. We don’t have anything like this store in my area so it was a great experience. Looking forward to teaching my fish to have feed with the koi krunchies! Thank you!”

Tanya B.

“Buy all my pond stuff here, awesome place and very helpful staff. Love the new display area, so relaxing to walk through the path ways.”

Peter S.

“Great place and very helpful. Plan on expanding our pond so will be going back soon. Love the outside ponds too with the fish – you really can see what you pond will look like!”

-Joyce W.

“I’ve been in search of water plants! I found them here!!!!!!! What a glorious supply of water plants, pond supplies, landscaping supplies, and FISH!!!! Would HIGHLY recommend stopping out just to see the amazing ponds there!!!”

-Helena C.

“Very friendly and helpful.  Enjoy all the knowledge they share and what beautifully done pondscapes.”

-Stephanie S.

“We had such a good time at the Easter egg hunt 🙂 what a great way to get the community involved locally! Absolutely beautiful landscaping. I know exactly who to refer people to now!”

-Ally M.

“This is a great little store, that has everything you need. The staff is helpful and it’s like shopping with old friends.”

-Connie K.

“Just bought a little frog decoration love it great place and people. Amazing gift shop or lawn decorations highly recommend.”

-Izek C.

“What an awesome place and amazing owners!!!! Won’t be bringing our pond business anywhere else!!!!”

-Janet L.

“Nice place very kool people and they are nice to you.”

-Karen H.

“Good people, great service, and wide variety of ideas.”

Tammy E.

“The ponds are beautiful and I enjoyed feeding the koi fish! My 5 baby koi are doing great in their new home!”

-Carolyn O.

”Ordered a bird feeder from the online site and received RIGHT away. I was shocked how fast they sent over! Made a great gift for a family friend in nursing home…Great selection and awesome service!”

-Jillyn M.