What Type of Pond to Get


The type of backyard pond you should get depends on a few factors. For instance, what size would you like the pond? We offer packages for larger and smaller ponds, including our harmony and wilderness packages. The harmony package has three different options ranging from a 7’ by 10’ pond with an 18” high natural waterfall to a 10’ by 14’ pond with optional upgrades. Our wilderness package comes with a larger pond option of 14’ by 14’ to a 14’ by 20’ pond with optional upgrades. To check what size to get, measure the size of your yard and determine the right width and depth for the area – as well as what you want from it.


Now that you have determined the size of the pond. What type of pond would you like to have? Many choose backyard swimmable ponds or fishponds, like koi. To determine the type of pond you want, it is important to determine what you will be doing with it. If you plan on just enjoying the view and want more of a variety of fish with exotic aquatic plants, then the fishpond is for you. If you are looking for more of a swimming area and just didn’t want a pool with harsh chemicals, then a backyard swimming pond is for you. It is also possible to incorporate both together if you would like to swim with the fishes.


You have decided the size and type of pond – the next thing to do is to plan a pond design. To determine a design, we work with you to create the pond of your dreams. We take into consideration all aspects of the backyard pond you want. We can include streams, waterfalls, fish caves, decorative gravel, granite boulders, plant packages, and lighting in our designs. To create the proper ecosystem, we recommend a filtration system, rock and gravel pond lining, a recirculation system, fish, and aquatic plants. These are the five crucial elements to creating a healthy water ecosystem.


With your chosen your pond size, type, and design – it is time to choose the fish and aquatic plants that will live in the pond. These choices can be difficult, but we are here to help you figure out the best options for you. We do recommend having fish and aquatic plant life because it is the best natural filters for the ecosystem. With fish reducing the amount of maintenance as they eat the algae and remnants on the pond floor. Aquatic plants thrive from the excess nutrients in your pond and offer additional filtration.