Ways You Can Renovate Your Backyard Pond this Spring

With spring just around the corner it’s time to start thinking about how you can renovate, or add new features to, your backyard pond. There are a lot of options for added water features, pond fish, and aquatic plants to make your outdoor living space even better than last year!

Waterfalls or Streams

Not only are they enjoyable to look at, the relaxing, soothing sounds from a waterfall or stream added to your backyard pound can be beneficial to your mental health and state of mind. Fortunately, Great Lakes Pondscapes has a lot of different options for adding a waterfall or stream to your pond!


Like waterfalls or streams, fountains are amazing to watch and listen to! And, are incredibly easy to incorporate into your backyard pond without a lot of added expense or labor. Also, fountains are great for your pond’s ecosystem as they move water and help to aerate it which is essential for your plants and fish.


There are a lot of different lighting options to choose from when it comes to adding features to your backyard pond. You can have lights around the outside of the pond creating general light or focused on specific features, or you can even install underwater LED lights that really light up the water so you can see your fish or plants any time of day or night!

Aquatic Plants

You can add plants both in and around your backyard pond and totally change the look of it. Aquatic plants are essential to a healthy ecosystem in your pond, and best of all, they are completely natural and harmful chemical free!

At Great Lakes Pondscapes, we have all of the pond supplies you need to renovate your backyard pond this spring! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!