Things to Consider When Building a Backyard Pond or Water Feature

There are many things you should consider when deciding to build a backyard pond or waterfall– from budget and location, to its size and your intended audience. Whether you’re looking to improve your current backyard pond or build a whole new oasis, the talented team at Great Lakes Pondscapes can help.


The first thing you will have to determine is what kind of budget you have to work with. There is a wide range of costs depending on the size of the pond and what sort of features you desire. A small pond could potentially cost more than a large pond the features you select.


Besides budget, the size of your backyard pond will likely be determined by the size of your yard and your existing landscaping. Whether you have a lot of open space or only a little for your oasis great for a pondless waterfall, the pros at Great Lakes Pondscapes will work with you to create the water feature of your dreams.


While many think it makes sense to build a backyard pond in a valley, it’s actually the opposite. By building water feature in a valley, you’re allowing rainwater to come in and reduce your water’s clarity as well as potentially increasing algae growth.


What’s your reason for wanting a water feature? Would a waterfall give you the effect you’re looking for or is it important to you that you to have aquatic plants and fish as part of a backyard pond?

Pond Packages

With our customer’s convenience in mind, we offer a wide variety of packages with design and installation included. This makes deciding what kind of pond or water feature you want a lot easier.