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If you find yourself unable to enjoy your backyard pond due to your day-to-day obligations, our pond lighting packages are designed for you! Adding lighting to your outdoor water garden allows you to fully enjoy your backyard sanctuary at any time of day. Utilizing only the highest-quality equipment, including LED light fixtures, our lighting packages enhance your backyard pond’s usability and ensure that you get the most out of it. All lighting features can be seen at Great Lakes Pondscapes.

pond lighting

Select Pond Lighting Package
  • (3) 3-watt pond lights
  • 60 watt transformer
  • Three-way splitter


Design and installation included


pond lighting

Superior Pond Lighting Package
  • (3) 6-watt pond lights
  • (3) 3-watt pond lights
  • 60 watt transformer
  • Six-way splitter
  • 25 foot cable


Design and installation included

waterfall lighting

Lighting Additions
  • 1-watt pond lights
    $150 installed
  • 3-watt pond lights
    $300 installed
  • 6-watt pond lights
    Recommended for Wilderness Pond
    $350 installed

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