Need Pond Supplies? Great Lakes Pondscapes Discusses the Three Basic Types of Pond Filters

There are a number of factors to consider when deciding what pond filter is right for you, including your pond’s size, where your pond is located, your budget, and whether or not you will have fish. While there are a large number of different types of pond filters, we will discuss the three basic ones in this post. If you have any questions about pond filters or other pond supplies from Great Lakes Pondscapes, do not hesitate to contact us.

External pond filters. External pond filters are great for those who have fish in their pond (and those who don’t)! External pond filters work by taking water from the pond to a filter that located near the pond at a higher elevation with the filtered water then returning to the pond. External pond filters can be used with ponds of all sizes and are easy to maintain.

Waterfall / skimmer external pond filters. Like filters you may be used to seeing in swimming pools, waterfall / skimmer external pond filters skim debris that enter the skimmer basket. Once the debris are skimmed from the surface of the water, the water is pumped to the other end of your backyard pond and is returned to your pond after being filtered through a waterfall biofilter. In general, a waterfall / skimmer external pond filter works best in medium or large ponds with koi and requires minimal maintenance.

Submersible pond filters. As you can tell by the name, these filters are submerged in the water and sit at the bottom of your backyard pond. Submersible pond filters use a pump to draw in water through the filter which is then put back into the pond through a water feature (waterfall or fountain). This type of filter is best for small or medium backyard ponds that have little or no koi fish and requires a moderate amount of maintenance.