Keep Your Backyard Pond’s Koi and Other Fish Safe this Spring with Pond Supplies

Fish, and koi in particular, are a favorite of backyard pond enthusiasts because of their attractive, eye-catching look and their ability to thrive in a number of different climates. However, spring can present some challenges for your koi, so it’s important you are prepared. In this post, we will discuss how you can keep your koi safe and thriving this spring with pond supplies from Great Lake Pondscapes.

With spring, your aquatic plants start to “come back to life”… this is a welcome change, however, this also means bacteria and other microorganisms are becoming more active, as well. Sometimes bacteria growth can happen too quickly, algae blooms can occur, making your backyard pond dangerous for your fish. Sometimes referred to as spring kill, some people experience fish loss because of a reduction in the quality of the water – usually caused by oxygen levels that are too low.

These problems often happy when we experience spring days that are uncharacteristically warm. The warmth may cause the bacteria in your backyard pond to reproduce at a rapid rate while not being warm enough to raise the water’s temperature (warmer water helps your koi by increasing their metabolism and boosting their immune system). So, if the bacteria and other chemicals like ammonia or nitrates are thriving, but the water is not warm enough for your fish, they can become sick or die.

To prevent fish loss this spring, you should make sure you have a properly functioning pond aerator that prevents loss of oxygen and circulates your water. Your aerator should be placed near the surface so that it’s not kicking up any unwanted debris or gas. You should also test your water to make sure it’s balanced and free from high levels of dangerous chemicals. There are also tablets and treatments that can help keep your water safe for your fish. Please contact Great Lakes Pondscapes to learn more about how to protect your koi this spring with pond supplies.