Getting Your Yard and Backyard Pond Ready for Spring

Spring is officially here! The warmer weather brings melted snow and ice, growing and blooming flowers and plants, and a desire to be outside enjoying your backyard pond. In this post, we will look at several of the things you should do to make sure your backyard pond is ready for spring.

Do a grounds inspection. Check around your yard, backyard pond, and other water features to ensure the winter has not done any damage and make any necessary repairs or replacements.

Clean your backyard pond / water feature. Remove leaves from your yard to prevent them from blowing into your fountain or pond. Take any other leaves or debris from your pond and clean your filter if it wasn’t used during the winter season.

Purchase supplies and test water. With the beginning of spring comes warmer weather and warmer water! When your pond water has reached around fifty degrees, you should begin your pump and filter, bringing your backyard pond out of its winter hibernation. With the increased activity of your aquatic plants and fish, comes a need for more oxygen, especially in less clean ponds (organic debris can break down, lowering pond pH, and releasing ammonia). Test your water and complete a partial water change then use pond water conditioners and aerator.

Inspect your plumbing and electrical systems. Thoroughly inspect your backyard pond’s filtration system. You should make sure it’s working properly and check for cracks on the filter, kinks in the plumbing line, as well as checking the ground fault circuit interrupter outlet. Do an inventory and replace any parts that are worn down or broken.

Care for plants and flowers. You should begin fertilizing plants around your pond and aquatic plants in your pond. You can also check out your options and add plants to your pond that meet your needs, including oxygenating, filtering, and those that provide an ample amount of shade or shelter.