Four Ways to Maintain Your Backyard Pond this Summer

Water levels

Make sure you are checking your water levels regularly as the heat can cause water to evaporate much more quickly than you may expect – especially if you have fountains, waterfalls, or other water features as a part of your backyard pond. If your water levels are too low, your pump and skimmer will not function properly.

Bacteria levels

Besides growing plants and flowers, summer is also a time for growing algae. To ensure that algae growth in your backyard pond is not excessive, bacteria levels must remain balanced. While bacteria is normally seen as a bad thing, it can make all the difference in keeping your pond free of large algae blooms.


Part of taking care of your backyard pond in the summer is ensuring proper oxygenation. What does this have to do with your pond fish? Well, if you overfeed your fish, you could deplete oxygen within the ecosystem. To avoid overfeeding and potential oxygen depletion, feed your fish in the morning and do not give them more than they will eat within about two minutes.

Plant life

Besides the water and fish within your pond, you must take care of the plants that are in and around your backyard pond. Much like the fish, plants can have a major effect on oxygen and bacteria levels within your pond. You should monitor your plants and remove dead or old growth as it happens. Water lilies are an excellent plant to use in your pond and can cover a third of your pond!

If you have any questions about backyard pond maintenance this summer, do not hesitate to contact Great Lakes Pondscapes!