Enhance Your Backyard Pond with Our Pond Enhancements

Whether you’re interested in adding upgraded lighting, incorporating streams, or adding fish or aquatic plants, the team at Great Lakes Pondscapes can help you to make your backyard pond into the oasis you have always dreamed of!

Pond lighting

There are many different types of lighting that can be used to help you and your guests to experience your background pond at night. Our lighting uses LED light fixtures with a lifespan of 40,000 hours which means you can enjoy your pond’s lighting for many years before anything needs to be replaced.


Besides creating a great look and pleasant sounds, streams are an excellent way to lure in birds, butterflies, dragonflies, and other local wildlife to your backyard oasis. Streams are also loved by pets who enjoy the access to naturally filtered and fresh water they can drink and enjoy.


Adding fish, like koi, to your backyard pond creates a whole other level of movement, color, and excitement. Available in a wide range of colors, species, and sizes, certain types of fish thrive in backyard ponds and are surprisingly low maintenance. To accommodate your fish, we can install a fish cave into your pond’s shelf that will serve as shelter and protection from predators and excessive sunlight.

Aquatic plants

Besides adding beauty to your background pond, aquatic plants also help to naturally balance your pond’s ecosystem. Performing vital biological filtration functions, they remove nitrogen, nitrates, ammonia, and other minerals that could otherwise imbalance or cause damage to your pond. Aquatic plants also held to provide shelter and food for fish and wildlife who live in your pond. Great Lakes Pondscapes can help you choose what types of plants you want for your pond that ensure you, and the inhabitants of your backyard pond, are happy.