Enhance Your Backyard Pond This Winter with These Five Pond Design Ideas

For many pond owners, the most beautiful and exciting feature of their backyard pond is their koi fish. Unfortunately, in Michigan, we experience cold winters that cause our koi to go dormant. So, instead of just wishing your pond fish would stay active all year long, try some (or all) of the pond enhancement ideas in this post. Just because it is winter doesn’t mean that you pond can’t look great and provide the joy it does during the warmer months when the koi fish are active.

Pond Lighting   

We have a wide variety of LED pond lights that will light up and bring life to your backyard pond. Whether you prefer white or color-changing, we can help you find the perfect lighting for your pond. For your convenience, you can even put your lights on a timer, so they turn on and off on your preferred schedule.

 Landscape Lighting

If you have a backyard pond, you probably have other elements as a part of your home’s landscaping. A popular option is path lighting that is placed on the edges of paths, decks, or patio areas near your pond.

Interior Pond Fountains

A backyard pond enhancement that is becoming increasingly popular is installing fountains in the shallow area of the pond. We carry a lot of different styles and sizes, so we’re sure you will find one that’s perfect for your.

Pond Streams

Streams are a great way to lure local wildlife – including birds, butterflies, and dragonflies – to your backyard pond. Adding a burst of color, streams are also beloved by pets, who enjoy access to the fresh, naturally filtered water.

At Great Lakes Pondscapes, we know how much pond owners in Michigan love and care for their koi fish and wish they were active all year long. If you have any questions about the pond enhancements for your pond design covered in this post, do not hesitate to contact us!