Benefits of Ecosystem Swimmable Backyard Ponds from Great Lakes Pondscapes

Ecosystem swimmable backyard ponds, also known as natural pools, use self-contained ecosystems and plants to create and maintain a swimmable area that is clean and natural. You do not need to use any chlorine or other harsh chemicals – instead, you just need to maintain the balance of the water and the pond filters. In this post, Great Lakes Pondscapes will discuss the benefits of ecosystem swimmable backyard ponds for you and your family.

No harsh chemicals. Instead of chlorine and other harsh chemicals, ecosystem swimmable backyard ponds use plants and other biological matter to keep your “pools” water clean and safe to swim in. It’s no secret that pool chemicals are strong and can be hazardous to people and animals alike. When you choose a natural pool, no added chemicals are necessary.

Easy to maintain. It may be surprising to learn that when you hire a company, ecosystem swimmable backyard ponds cost about the same to install as a traditional inground pool. However, a natural “pool” is much less costly to maintain through its life because there isn’t a need for much equipment or chemicals and cleaners. In fact, because swimmable ponds use aquatic plants as filters you really only need to skim for leaves and debris and do some light cleaning. You also don’t have to constantly test the water.

Better for the environment. Though it’s not something people think about often, traditional swimming pools drain approximately 20,000 gallons of chemical-filled water into the environment each year while ecosystem swimmable backyard pools do not ever need to be drained and are filled with clean, chemical free water.

They can also become a haven for natural wildlife like frogs and butterflies!

Easily customizable. Ecosystem swimmable backyard ponds can be completely customized and are able to fit nearly any space. Many people tailor their pool to incorporate native plants and landscapes so that everything really flows. You also get to pick the aquatic plants that will be in your natural pool as well as fountains and other water features.

If you have any questions about ecosystem swimmable backyard ponds, do not hesitate to contact us!