Benefits of Adding a Stream to your Pond


Great Lakes Pondscapes can design you visually appealing ponds with flowing streams and cascading waterfalls at your bequest. We believe that adding a stream to your pond has a wide variety of benefits besides the way it will look. Adding a stream not only adds beauty to your pond but will lure local wildlife to your backyard and it’s a perfect way to enjoy access to fresh, naturally filtered water.

Stream Aesthetics

A stream adds an aesthetic appeal to your pond, as well as bringing in a natural element to create that certain ambience. There is nothing like listening to the sound of a bubbling brook that many people pay for with sleep sound machines. With a stream, you can add twists and turns, or shallow rocks for birds to bathe on as well. Not only does it create the perfect aesthetic, but it will also lure potential wildlife to your yard like birds, butterflies, and dragonflies. Some of our stream enhancements are granite boulders, additional dirt for berm, decorative gravel, 45 mil EPDM liner, and PVC flex plumbing line.

Natural Filter

A stream attached to your pond provides clarity to the water, with the current washing away trapped debris and potential mildew or algae. It adds a natural filter to your pond so that any cleaning that needs to be done is done for you through the presence of the stream. If you have a shallow stream, it will still need the occasional cleaning, but it is far easier to clean than a pond. This added natural filter will prolong the life of your stream and pond, as well as the plants and fish within it.

Add a Waterfall for Fish Health

Adding a waterfall helps the overall health of your pond, stream, and fish too. Your fish can survive in most temperatures and through cold or hot weather changes, but sudden drops in temperature can make your fish sick. With a waterfall, your fish have an area to remain in that will not change as drastically with sudden thermo highs or lows, maintaining water temperature in the depths for fish to hide in. This happens because waterfalls drop directly to the bottom of the pond and the heavy force sends the water to the lower area, creating a more stable and warmer environment for fish.

The pricing for an eight-foot-long stream is $1995 for a 24” wide stream and $2495 for a 30” wide stream. Contact Great Lakes Pondscapes today to add a stream to your pond!