5 Reasons to Build a Koi Pond


The serenity of koi ponds has been enjoyed for over 200 years, with Great Lakes Pondscapes, you too can bring this time-honored tradition to your own backyard. Koi ponds have provided a peaceful retreat for millions of people over the years, serving as sites of meditation, inspiration for art, or even just as a nice place to rest. Great Lakes Pondscapes shares the following 5 reasons why you should consider a Koi Pond for your own back yard!


1)    Koi Ponds Relieve Stress

Many people have found solace and relaxation in their koi ponds. Interacting with their pets, or even just sitting by idly observing the pond has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety levels in men, women, and children. The calming effect of watching fish has been so well documented that it is not uncommon to see tanks of fish in the waiting rooms of high-stress environments like medical offices or workplaces. You can harness the power of a beautiful outdoor environment, water, and aquatic observation with your very own koi pond.

2)    Koi Fish Make Friendly Pets

Koi fish are quite intelligent and have big personalities. They make for a friendly group of low-maintenance pets. Once your koi have become accustomed to their new home, they will begin to warm up to you. Over time they will learn to recognize you and you can even train them to eat out of your hand. Koi are equipped with long-term memory, just like us, and are excellent at remembering faces. They will recognize you as their owner and provider of food, and they can even learn their own names!

3)    Koi Ponds Raise Your Property Value

You can increase the marketability of a home with a backyard pond, and that increases even more when it is properly equipped for raising Koi. They are an attractive and unique amenity that will stick out in a buyer’s mind, often contributing to a faster sale and higher price. The exotic beauty of a koi pond will leave an impression of elegance, beauty, and sophistication that other homes cannot offer.

4)    They Are Believed to Bring Good Luck and Strength

The Japanese culture has always cherished the koi fish, they are associated with good fortune and perseverance in adversity. Koi are known for swimming upstream, no matter the conditions. This tenacity is revered and associated with strength of purpose.

5)    Koi Ponds are Beautiful

Imagine walking out onto your deck as the sun sets over a quiet pond, full of magnificent, brightly colored koi swimming gently among the natural greenery. You sit down to enjoy a moment of peace as you gaze into the pond, watching their still, gentle movements while the wind creates small ripples over the surface of the pond. There is little else that can compete with the natural, quiet beauty of a koi pond. Great Lakes Pondscapes can help you to create a tranquil koi pond of your own, reach out today to learn more!