3 Reasons your Pond needs Aquatic Plants

While it may be true that putting in a pond has the biggest impact visually on your backyard, the real value comes in the aesthetics. It’s not enough to just have a pond full of water, what makes them so appealing is the way they’re designed! In this post, we will look at three reasons it’s a good idea to make aquatic plants a part of your backyard pond design.

Balance your pond’s ecosystem naturally.

Aquatic plants work as a natural filtration system for your backyard pond, filtering dangerous nitrates and other chemicals as part of their natural function. With adequate coverage, the plants will thrive on any excess nutrients and even fight against the dreaded algae buildup by depriving them of their food source. Aquatic plants can also serve to help keep the overall water temperature down and stable during the hot summer months. They’re an integral part of balancing your pond’s ecosystem and are necessary if you’re looking to develop a self-sustaining system.

Create a healthy environment for fish and other wildlife.

If your goal is to develop a thriving pond, including keeping koi or other fish and pond wildlife, you will need a healthy variety of aquatic plants. Aquatic plants of both the floating and submerged type are necessary for providing shade from the sun and serving as a natural shelter for your fish. The cover provided by aquatic plants also help protect the fish and other wildlife from natural pond predators such as birds. Submerged aquatic plants are important for creating a safe place for fish to spawn. Their natural filtering and temperature regulation are also key to balancing the ecosystem for your fish.

Enhance the aesthetic.

You may be surprised by the variety available to you when it comes to aquatic plants. There are many beautiful ways to design your backyard pond, and they all involve at least some variety of aquatic plant! There are many options for plants that can fill out your pond and it’s important to add diversity to get the best outcome. Make sure to include aquatic plants that live in all areas of the pond, especially the ones that live below and on top of the surface! The classic beauty of water lilies can be greatly expanded on with vibrant greenery like Creeping Jenny, Horsetail, Taro, or Water Lettuce. You may even want to add floral elements with options like Pickerel, Cardinal Flower, or Blue Iris. The best options for you will depend on your zone, if you have any fish, size and shape of the pond, and other similar considerations.

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